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On again off again military intervention (Part 1)

by on December 8, 2011

The economic situation of the country was disastrous.  The new president did everything he could to stimulate the economy; he tried to appeal to foreign investors to increase productivity, particularly for the petroleum sector.  The nation went from being a petroleum importer to an exporter. (Todo Argentina)  Frondizi also rendered economic and fiscal reforms, pursued capital investment, condensed taxes, restricted credit and got Argentina back on its feet. (Crow 1992 (1946), p. 846)  He brought inflation down to 14 percent.

It was a difficult government; the country was as always and this time Frondizi was caught between the Peronist and the military in regards to the conflict of Cuba and the United States.  Frondizi had an amicable relationship with Kennedy and also went as far as to sit down with Ernesto “Che” Guevara to see if he would mediate relations between the two countries. (Todo Argentina)  Ultimately, he satisfied the military by siding with the Americans in this matter.

In hopes to please the Peronist party, he allowed them to run for Chamber of Deputies (were they won 45 of 85 spots) and governorship (9 out of 14).  The military was in an uproar so they went on strike until they eventually forced out of the country.  Thus, leaving the military in-charge once more, until the following elections in 1963.

Dr. Jose Maria Guido, the vice-president of the Senate took over for the remainder of the term. (Todo Argentina)  Nevertheless, there was a military divided by the “blues” and the “reds.”  The “blues” who strongly opposed the Peronist were victorious under the command of General Ongania.

Civilians regained power when Arturo Illia, alias “La Tortuga,” was elected president.  During his regime, Illia canceled the oil contracts and nationalized the industry; nevertheless, production quickly declined.  Here the seeming eternal war with the IMF and the World Bank begun, and he consequently printed more pesos and inflation rate rouse again.

Near the end of 1964, it was speculated that Peron was trying to make his way back from Madrid.  However, he was declared “persona no grata” and had to return to Madrid from Rio de Janiero. (Todo Argentina)    From this point forward, Illia’s government began to wither.  Peronist began to strengthen again so the military stepped in once more.

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