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End of Peron’s Second Term

by on November 28, 2011

Not even two month into his presidency, Peron became a widower for the second time; but this time, all of Argentina would morn with him.  Eva’s wake lasted 14 days and her body was taken to congress for one night before her burial. (Todo Argentina)  President Peron’s popularity began to die slowly after this and his administration began to fumble.

In 1953, a Peronist public meeting was bombed by a terrorist group that was never identified.  The Peronists were encouraged by their leader to fight back and they retailed by burning down the center for argentine high society, the Jockey Club, and the Socialist Party headquarters. (Crow 1992 (1946), p. ##)

During his second term, Peron took on the Catholic Church by legalizing divorce, prostitution, and taxing church properties and took away its participation in schools.  With the economy in decline he began to loose the support of his most loyal followers, the very class that brought him to power, the working class.

After Peron exiled 2 Bishops, it was no surprise; the Pope himself excommunicated the Argentine president in June of 1955.  The following day he called for a public meeting, which turned into a failed military coup, taking the lives of over 300 people.  But Peronist would not let this pass with out a fight, so they ransacked eleven churches in Buenos Aires that September.

The upraising, which they called “Revolucion Libertadora”, lasted three days.  Argentina was destroyed, both physically and morally.  Peron had no choice but to flee the country by gunboat to take refugee in Paraguay with his new thirteen-year-old mistress.  Military leaders seized power in Cordoba but this was not the end of Peronism, it remained strong thanks to the labor unions, wage increments, social security, retirement and the purchasing of crops for farmers.

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